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Hoop Dance for Healing

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

I want to personally thank all those who helped make the video. It all began when Jonathan Feather and Jackie Bird called me on a group call and asked me what I thought about the idea. I told them I thought we could make it happen. In only a few days we put the whole thing together. I told them I would ask Eric Hernandez to do all the editing without even asking him before hand to help out. I told them I would just ask everybody I could think of to make it work and we would do the best we could. We thought about using the song Red Skin Girl by A Tribe Called Red. That would require getting permission from them prior to using it. They answered me and given permission the day before we put it out, but had already worked out other arrangements. Then I proceeded to start contacting people through Facebook messenger. I think I asked about 50-60 people to participate and am happy with everyone that joined in. Then I asked Ryon if he would be willing to sing and then I started emailing everybody.

One of the real problems we had was getting good copies of videos from individuals. We're looking at some of your out takes that you've posted and the quality is twice what we received when Eric started working with them. Eric posted the video under CirQue life on youtube. He said he wouldn't be able to use several clips because the quality was too low. Those with Iphones, 8, 10, or better had the best transfer of video. Then I asked Eric if he could show the videos on the side when Ryon was singing. That way we would give everyone the opportunity to have their video shown. There was no disrespect of individuals and their videos, it was the quality of the video that Eric Received. We don't know why some of the videos were so clear and others were not as good. Then after I had contacted several people they told me they had been removed from their regalia and that's why we decided to include street clothing, which looks really good. Eric said he received several of the videos in the last day. That made it really hard to make many changes. He had to find a way to have somebody send a hoop and receive a hoop that would match.

In the mean time I thought it would be good if we had a spokesman for the video and called Dennis late one night. We only had a couple days for him to record and for Eric to use some of his clips. We thought about having a message written instead. I think it worked out good the way we did it. Then only the day before we were going to share the video I thought it would be good to have a couple more singers so we called Kenny and Steve. We're grateful they joined in on the project. It made it that much better. With only a few hours before production, Eric told me he was having a hard time matching throws from one place to another. That was one of the major difficulties. So I went out on Saturday afternoon and just did short clips of the hoop passing from one place to another. In the mean time we were still receiving videos from different singers and dancers and Eric was trying to fit it all together.

I personally appreciate Dane and Jackie asking me if I would be interested in doing this and to Eric for stepping up to the plate. I felt that we as hoop dancers could make a huge impact on the world if we united our efforts in sharing the healing that comes from the hoop dance. Sorry if some of the names and tribal affiliations were wrong, we did the best we could and I tried sending messenger to several people and then just had to do the best I could. If you know a hoop dancer and they didn't participate, it's because I wasn't able to get up with them. I called and texted everyone I knew, because I knew we needed everyone that would help. I truly appreciate the time and effort everyone made to make the video possible. I've received messages from around the world from people thanking all of us for sharing this powerful video.

There have been a few people leaving messages that have said they were in deep despair and then watched this video and it lifted their spirits. I hope you each will know that it was not about me, or Eric or Dennis or the singers or any one dancer. It was because each of us was willing to do our best and unite in a cause of healing. Thanks for your time and participation with this project under the circumstances of being Quarantined. It had rained here for most of the days and I wound up sending in my video the last day as well. If you find who felt like they were left out, it was not on purpose, it was because we were in such a rush to get it out on Easter morning.

Thank to everyone,

continue in your goodness, kindness and in helping to heal the world,

Terry L Goedel

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